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Dubious Blues Trio

Raw, improvised, blues-ish kinda music....


‘Dubious Blues Trio’ is three Sydney musos who play high energy, quirky, blues-ish kinda music. Using the classic blues trio format as a base, the band delve into their own unique and somewhat dubious brand of music influenced by blues, jazz, world and classical music. The music consists of quirky grooves, catchy melodies, diverse improvisations and always retains a sense of humour. 

Despite their name the band prefer to steer clear of a genre label and instead strive to create music which is unique, interesting and fun hence "dubious blues" becomes the only possible way to describe it. The music ranges from surf rock grooves, to punk bluegrass to swampy experimental jams and anything in between. 


The band began in early 2012 when Cameron Henderson, Elsen Price and Zeke Ruckman decided they'd had enough of playing background music at restaurants and functions and wanted to play loud again! What began as a blues covers trio quickly transformed into an original band with the trio writing fresh grooves and quirky tunes. This culminated in the recording of an EP in late 2012 which featured world renowned hammond organist Clayton Doley. 

In 2013 Zeke left Sydney to continue his studies at Monash university in Melbourne. Cam and Elsen decided to try out a few new drummers and eventually found spritely young Tully Ryan. Tully's style and approach to music fitted the band perfectly and the trio quickly wrote a whole fresh batch of songs. 

Our self titled album has BEEN RELEASED! Please click on the  'Buy our music' tab, or it can be found on iTunes.